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Hey there, I am starting my blog here to talk about my trials and tribulations trying to become better with women, using a system from Vin Dicarlo.


I love working out, playing basketball and watching live sports.
What I know about dating.

Listen here, relationship advice for men is in demand because of one basic fact: most men are clueless in regards to dating and attracting women. Yes, some men can get an average girl, but very few men possess the skills to learn what a girl believes and what a girl needs. Ordinarily, dates and relationships fail not because they aren't right for each other but there are usually problems of miscommunication involving both genders. And men who don't have the expertise to comprehend and know what to say to girls, can say good-bye to them.

Dating advice and secret methods for men will also be in high demand because a number of these actually work. Believe it or not, you can find guys that have learned how to be great at dating high quality women. For that, they readily get dates, they're able to simply and effortlessly meet new girls every time they go out. It can be downright easy for some or it might require years of training and study. Whatever the strategy, there are relationship and dating gurus who will assist you to improve yourself and get with girls.

So if this is you, then you are not alone, and now you know that there is hope out there.  Read more: my pandoras box review